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Miiko Mentz

Who is Miiko Mentz?

I’m the co-founder of BentoBox Media, a social media and content marketing company in the heart of Silicon Valley. I’m a social marketer and public relations consultant, coach and strategist, with experience in nutrition, skin care, hospitality, entertainment, retail and technology. I have 15+ years developing, launching and managing numerous PR and social media marketing campaigns and programs.

I help “solopreneurs” and businesses connect with customers through content and community in a manner that builds brand awareness, visibility and credibility among influencers and consumers alike, and turns fans and followers into customers and brand advocates.

My experience is in public relations and social media marketing, more specifically: media relations, social media management, organic and paid social, content marketing, content creation and curation, community management, video production (producing, shooting and editing), and blogger and influencer relations.


What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas (Ends Up On Social Media)

In April 2010, I started working with The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a unique luxury resort on the Las Vegas Strip. In June 2010 (six months prior to the resort opening), I developed, launched and managed the Cosmopolitan’s social media channels. And a year later, Inc. magazine named the Cosmopolitan the “Most Socially Savvy Hotel,” while Masterminds awarded the Cosmopolitan two Sherpie Awards for “Best Use of Twitter” and “Best in Show” for its overall social media strategy (that’s me pictured below at the 2nd annual Sherpie Awards ceremony).

2011 Sherpie Award Winners

I was instrumental in growing The Cosmopolitan’s social media community from zero to more than 358,000+ followers on Twitter @Cosmopolitan_LV and more than 260,000+ fans on Facebook. The Cosmopolitan is on other social media channels such as Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare where it has the highest check ins among Las Vegas hotels and resorts. But more importantly, is the high level of community engagement that the team and I created with hotel guests, fans and followers of the brand. The Cosmopolitan is one of the most engaged social media brands in the hospitality industry.

In October 2013, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was recognized as a social media leader in hospitality by Skift, a website providing global travel industry news, info, data and analysis, in its “Las Vegas Hotels Beat Global Hospitality Brands on Social Media.” It listed The Cosmopolitan in the top three globally in Twitter engagement just behind two global hospitality brands (Hyatt Hotels and Starwood) and first among Las Vegas resorts. Las Vegas Weekly wrote about it in a post titled, “Cosmo is proving to be a world-beater on social media.”

I had the unique opportunity to launch and build The Cosmopolitan’s social media presence and voice, as well as its social media team from the ground up. Being a part of the brand marketing team responsible for building a brand from scratch and opening the newest and hottest resort casino on the Las Vegas Strip was an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m honored to have been a part of it. I worked with The Cosmopolitan for more than four years and continued to be an integral part of the social media team over the years. The Cosmopolitan was a client of BentoBox Media.


The Ashton Kutcher and Brian Solis Days

I also worked for Katalyst, which Fast Company named as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the advertising and marketing space.

At Katalyst, I was responsible for developing and managing social media marketing plans, campaigns and programs; community development and management; event activation, content curation and original content development and syndication across social channels. I also assisted on new business pitches.

Katalyst was founded in 2000 by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg to develop television and film properties. As social media gained in popularity, Katalyst launched a digital division headed by Sarah Ross (I worked under the direction of Sarah Ross). In 2011, Anthony Batt joined the leadership team and Katalyst then became Katalyst Network. For more info, see here.

Prior to Katalyst, I was the senior director of New Media & Digital PR at FutureWorks, an award-winning digital and social media agency in Silicon Valley and San Francisco founded in the late 1990s by analyst, author, speaker and thought-leader Brian Solis.

At FutureWorks, I was responsible for business development; developing PR and social media marketing plans; providing strategy and counsel to clients; overseeing account teams to ensure they were continually innovating and delivering results-driven social media campaigns and digital PR initiatives. I was also instrumental in connecting clients to influencers and having them showcased at events, which helped drive their businesses forward.

While at FutureWorks, I also produced videos and blogged at Bub.blicio.us, a blog started by Brian Solis. It covered the social economy, mostly tech, but also entertainment, health, beauty and other social happenings. I was a videographer, video editor and blogger covering a variety of topics from tech to beauty. During my time at Bubblicious, we averaged between 25,000-30,000 monthly unique visitors. Bub.blicio.us has since been shut down (the blog is still live but is no longer updated).

FutureWorks fused “best of breed” social media, new media, digital influence and conversational marketing aka relationship marketing. FutureWorks shut its doors in 2011 when Brian joined Altimeter Group as principal analyst.


The Early Days and My Favorites

Over the years my PR and social media work has helped numerous businesses to increase their brand awareness, visibility and credibility among industry influencers and consumers. Some of my favorites are The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (an original and unique luxury resort on the Las Vegas Strip); IFC.com (voices of independent culture – film, music and politics); Tapulous (makers of the wildly successful Tap Tap Revenge music game, acquired by Disney); Signal Patterns (health, wellness and psychology-based web and mobile apps, acquired by bLife); MindTouch (open source enterprise collaboration); WebSideStory (Web analytics, acquired by Omniture/Adobe); MonsterGecko (PC gaming); and Sony (VAIO notebooks).

Very early in my career I worked on numerous video and television productions, from satellite backhauls with Court TV and PBS’ The News Hour with Jim Lehrer to interviews with Silicon Valley CEOs, startup founders and celebrities. My favorite was an interview with Apple Computers Co-founder Steve Wozniak and his mother the late Margaret Wozniak back in the mid-1990s. Lately, I haven’t had time to do my own videos, but you can check out a few of my past videos on my YouTube channel and on BubTV’s YouTube channel. Unfortunately, the Steve and Margaret Wozniak video isn’t there. I did it when I was an employee at the De Anza College Television Center, so I don’t have the rights to it; and it was back in the analog days so it doesn’t exist online (yes, prior to the digital era we had to do tape-to-tape editing…seems crazy today).

Prior to going into video, PR and social media marketing, I performed in numerous productions from musical theater to dance concerts. I studied dance (ballet, contemporary/modern, jazz, and just enough tap and hip-hop to get by in auditions) from the time I was six years old on up into my 20s. Dance is still a passion of mine and you can find me from time to time catching a class for fun at some of my favorite dance studios. Other passions of mine include seeing live music (particularly the Indigo Girls), practicing yoga, holistic skincare (I give the most fabulous facials…ask me for one sometime), health & wellness (I have such an insatiable appetite for health news and information that my husband says I’m a walking Cliff Clavin of health info), and riding my bike (a pink & brown beach cruiser).


School Days and Beyond

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in public relations from San Jose State University, and an Associate Arts degree in television and video production from De Anza College. My formal education was just the beginning. I have an insatiable appetite for learning and am a lifetime learner! On any given week I’m reading a business or health book, hopping on a webinar, or taking online courses from top industry leaders in both digital marketing and health and wellness.


Join Me In The Conversation

In addition to my personal Twitter handle @MiikoMentz, I also tweet at @BentoBoxMedia and blog at BentoBox Media, both focused on digital marketing tips, campaigns, training  and brands doing cool and unique initiatives with a social twist.

I also have a personal blog, pinkMOXIE, where I write about everything from culture, society and career to health, beauty, music and other musings. However, at this time I’m no longer active on it.


Let’s Connect

If you’re still reading this far down, I’m deeply touched. Because I’m sure that’s more than you ever wanted to know about me! I would love to help you with your digital marketing. Contact me.